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The chassis design combines a perimeter frame with a triangulated tunnel and bulkhead that together provide exceptional torsional rigidity and stiffness. The complete MG rear sub frame (including engine, gearbox and rear suspension) is used at the rear, and a combination of MG parts and a bespoke upper wishbone at the front. The perimeter frame is a 50mm wide by 75 mm deep tube that follows the outline of the Beetle floor pan and provides mounting points for the body shell. There's a bit of flexibility for locating the mounting points, to account for inevitable slight variations in the different body shells out there.

Each chassis package includes new front top wishbones, brackets to mount a coil-over shock absorber on the lower wishbone, and some floor mounted pedals. The introductory price, if you're an experienced kitcar builder, is £2000 + VAT.

The current Pie Valley Buggies long wheelbase buggy demonstrator uses MG TF components. The MGF
frame is in development, and will replace the obsolete MGF Hydragas units with coil over shock absorbers that can be specified to individual applications. A 2.5 litre Rover KV6 installation is technically possible with the MGF setup too - we’re working on it!

The chassis has been extensively examined by Robin Hall of HEAD engineering and design, using
both computer based finite element analysis and direct loading experiments (with as many tractor weights and fabricators as we could muster). Robin has an impressive portfolio of vehicle designs and experience in the automotive design industry, and the results of his analysis were very encouraging.

The main chassis rails are laser cut for complete accuracy , and there are another thirty
different laser cut plates used elsewhere. The chassis’ fabricators Neal and Dean take greatpride in their work, so each chassis is beautifully constructed.

Of course, if you’d rather not have anything to do with VW based kit cars but still fancy
a MG based  chassis, we can supply one with straight outer frame rails (rather than bent to fit a Beetle floor pan) to use under whatever you'd like.