Pie Valley Buggies, Dearne Works, Scissett, Huddersfield, HD8 9HS. 07545716503

Meet the team at Dearne Works…

Ed. During the day Ed is a vet at Yorkshire Vets, a busy small animal hospital in Leeds. Designing and building kit cars keeps him sane. He’d have been locked up by now, otherwise.

David. David is the owner of David Lockwood Wrought Iron, who manufactures the Minx chassis. David has thirty years experience in the world of fabrication, and his company produces anything from complex structural steelwork though intricate spiral staircases to enclosures for meerkats.

Anton. Anton is David’s brother and works alongside him at David Lockwood Wrought Iron. He’s an experienced fabricator, but his particular skill lies in taking finished items from the workshop and installing them on site, working around any problems as they crop up.

Neal. Neal is Anton’s son-in-law, and he built the first two Minx chassis. Hopefully he’ll have to make a few more in the future. He’s a talented fabricator and a highly qualified mechanic. He also drives as though his hair is on fire.

Dean. Dean has been playing with cars and fabricating for longer than he cares to remember, although it’s quite fun to remind him exactly how long...resourceful and skillful, he takes genuine pride in his work.

Andy. Andy is a very busy commercial electrician, but he doesn’t need much persuading to spend a few hours at his unit restoring classic Land Rovers. Pragmatic and analytical, he has the annoying habit of pointing out solutions to problems that you’ve been struggling with for hours.